Smart Ball Treat Dispenser
Smart Ball Treat Dispenser
Smart Ball Treat Dispenser

Smart Ball Treat Dispenser

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The ultimate toy for dogs! Simply fill the ball with your dog's favourite snack and let the fun begin!

The Smart Ball is a fabulous toy for playtime, providing fun and physical activity for any dog. It's also a great tool for keeping them entertained if you have to leave them on their own. With the Smart Ball, time will pass rapidly.

When your dog plays with the ball, it emits a giggle sound which encourages them to play. It also presents an excellent alternative to the traditional food bowl, extending the joy of feeding time and preventing unhealthy gulping. You'll see how your dog will suddenly love to jump up and play!

How does it work?

When the ball rolls it releases treats through the dispensing hole. Dogs quickly learn that motion causes treats to fall out, but the unpredictable movement keeps the toy challenging, even for a seasoned Smart Ball user.


  • No batteries needed
  • Treat dispensing hole
  • A wonderful toy to train your pet’s intelligence
  • Voted Your Dog Magazine's #1 toy of 2016
  • Promotes healthy exercise








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